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Orthodontics with Clear Aligners

orthodontics and clear aligners

Orthodontics with clear aligners is classified as aligner systems. This form of treatment aims to move, align and straighten the teeth by using a series of aligners for a certain period of time. For this purpose, a series of aligners are produced as a result of studies carried out through special software with three-dimensional measurements taken from patients. By wearing these aligners, the angle and alignment of the teeth get in a certain order.

In this article invisible clear teeth aligner treatment, which is also known as orthodontics without braces, is explained.

What are the advantages of clear aligner systems?

  • Because they are transparent and invisible, they are not noticeable from the outside gaze.
  • They can be removed while eating.
  • They do not complicate oral care like fixed braces.
  • Since they are designed with digital systems, you can see your treatment simulation during the decision-making phase.
  • You can use your aligners during your daily activities such as sports etc.

Can aligner systems be used by every patient?

You can find out whether clear aligners are suitable for you after the dental examination of your orthodontist.

Do clear aligners affect speech?

Patients do not experience any functional problems with their speech following the adaptation period in the first days.

Is it possible to eat and drink with the aligners in the mouth?

Clear teeth aligners must be removed before eating and drinking hot drinks. However, drinking cold and warm drinks would not cause a problem.

How many hours a day should the clear aligners be worn?

The treatment starts to give results with the regular use of aligners for an average of 20-22 hours a day.

Are there any disadvantages of clear teeth aligners?

  • It is a slow progressing treatment compared to classical orthodontic techniques such as braces.
  • The cost is higher.
  • Treatment times are longer in non-cooperative patients, who do not use the aligners regularly.

How often are checkups performed?

Normally, check-ups are performed at monthly intervals. However, if deemed appropriate by the practitioner, control intervals may be extended or shortened.

How to clean the aligners?

The aligners can be washed with non-hot water, brushed or disinfected with denture-cleaning effervescent tablets.

How to maintain oral care when wearing invisible aligners?

Oral hygiene in aligner treatments can be done much easier than in classical orthodontic treatments. The aligners are removed from the mouth twice a day, morning and evening, and rinsed. Teeth and interdental spaces are cleaned with a brush and dental floss. The aligners are put back on the teeth.

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