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Facial Trauma and Tooth Fracture

facial trauma and tooth fracture

Injuries in the maxillofacial area as a result of traumas such as falls, bumps and blows are not limited to soft tissues and may cause facial trauma fractures and cracks in the teeth, and surrounding hard tissues.

The first thing to note about injuries to the maxillofacial region is that trauma affecting these areas may also affect the skull base. 

The first step to be taken, in case of a life-threatening head and neck injury as a result of a trauma, is to apply to the emergency departments of hospitals.

If there is no risk to life and there is a fracture in the maxillofacial region as a result of the medical examination after the head and neck x-rays taken in the emergency clinics, the second step to be taken is to consult to the nearest Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial surgeon.

This application can be made by referral by the emergency doctor or in accordance with the patient’s own wishes. It should be kept in mind that jaw injuries should be treated quickly and a maxillofacial surgeon should be consulted immediately.

At Lotus Dental, we have successfully treated many jaw fracture and facial trauma cases since 2010 thanks to the contribution of my team and the cooperation of my patients.

My primary advice in this regard would be to avoid activities with high risk of accident and take full protective measures as much as possible. I would like to share this article in order to prevent the mistakes frequently made by patients in cases of jaw fracture and facial trauma and to increase awareness of this issue.

Traumatic Tooth Fractures and Treatment

If you have a dislodged or tooth fracture:

  • The broken tooth should ideally be preserved in saline, or in milk if that is not available. And you should come to the clinic quickly.
  • If the tooth is not broken as a result of the fall, but slightly dislodged from where it is rooted, you should contact a dental clinic without trying to dislodge the tooth further.
  • If the fall or the blow have completely dislodged the tooth from the root and it has fallen to the ground, you should contact the dental clinic as quickly as possible in saline without touching the root surface of the tooth. In such a case, if you cannot find the saline, you should rinse the fallen tooth with clear water and preserve it in milk or the patient’s own saliva and consult to the dental clinic.

Facial Trauma: Jaw Fractures and Treatment

It should be remembered that jaw injuries should be intervened by a maxillofacial surgeon as soon as possible. A dental clinic with a maxillofacial surgeon should be consulted without losing any time.

In order to prevent any sequelae in the jaw area, the broken jaw should be intervened within two days at the latest. In the case of a broken or dislocated tooth as a result of the trauma should be intervened as quickly as possible within 1-2 hours or even earlier if possible.

Since the jaw bones have a complex joint system and are exposed to the forces of many muscles in different directions, leaving them to heal on their own can be inconvenient and risky. Interventions are usually performed by ligating the jaws together and then fixing the fracture line with osteosynthesis plates.

If you have received a blow to your jaw that may cause a fracture and your emergency intervention at the hospital has been completed, here is what you should do respectively;

  • You should consult the nearest maxillofacial surgeon.
  • You should wait without opening and moving your jaw if possible.
  • If there is a suspicion of a jaw fracture, an examination should be performed after taking X-RAY.
  • After the injury and during treatment, you should be on a soft diet and avoid chewing.
  • When treatment is started, the treatment plan of the maxillofacial surgeon should be followed. These recommendations should be strictly followed.

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Maxillofacial Surgeon Erdem Kaya

Maxillofacial Surgeon


DDS PhD. Erdem Kaya was born in Ankara in 1980. After completing his secondary and high school education in Ankara, he was entitled to get into Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry.

DDS PhD. Erdem Kaya successfully graduated from Gazi University in 2004 and started his doctoral education at Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery in the same year.

He successfully completed his doctoral education with the thesis topic “Clinical and Radiological Investigation of Two Different Surface Properties of Dental Implants in Conventional and Immediatric Loading” in 2010.



DDS Tulay Kaya was born in Bulgaria in 1984. She completed her secondary and high school education in Izmir and graduated from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry in 2008. Her graduation thesis topic was “The Place and Importance of Bisphosphonates in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery” and she continued her university education at Universidade Do Porto in Portugal.

She speaks English fluently. Tulay Kaya, who is fluent in English, continued to provide private clinic services in Kuşadası between 2008 and 2012 within the Private Lotus Dental Clinic, which she established with Dr. Erdem Kaya in 2012.

DDS. Tulay Kaya, mainly carries out aesthetic dentistry applications in the clinic, also serves her patients with general dentistry applications. DDS. Tulay Kaya continues to offer dental treatments in renewed Lotus Dental clinic with the participation of Pedodontist DDS PhD. Gülcan Şahin to the team as of 2017.

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